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RT @Zahra_Buhari: Election is not just about leadership, it's about the next generation. #VoteWisely #WhoElseIfnotBuhari #IVoted #GMB15 htt…
RT @ColinUdoh: And they say the rich don't vote "@VenturesAfrica: Africa's richest man @AlikoDangote #NigeriaDecides #iVoted http://t.co/cN…
Patience VS English .... She #DeservesOrijin for trying #ivoted #VoteGoodluck http://t.co/OcUFfXYmNy
RT @callroro: @VenturesAfrica - gbagada phase 1 Lagos voting almost done #iVoted #nigeriadecides http://t.co/6KPvXccICI
RT @VenturesAfrica: Somewhere in Lagos... BBQ is sold close to a polling unit. #Nigeriadecides #iVoted http://t.co/kR6H7SgAvW
RT @VenturesAfrica: Don't forget, take advantage of our election heat map to share your Election Day experience #NigeriaDecides #iVoted htt…
RT @VenturesAfrica: What can INEC and Nigerians learn from the presidential election which held today? #Nigeriadecides #iVoted
RT @ActNowng: You can upload your figures to the iWitnessNG app. It works. Go do that now. #iVoted http://t.co/gxZOBJT06S

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